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Charleston Dresses : The style that coming from 1920s fashion

January 2, 2017 | Women Fashion

Charleston dresses are identical with furlong scarf and also cigarette holder. Back then, this dress used to wear for the special occasion, like a night party. But, now, this kind of dress is used for special party, like Halloween party.

Since ages, Charleston dresses are commonly worn to go to a party. This kind of dress brought many memories about past years. The dress is kind of fashion mode coming from the 1920s.

Charleston Dresses

Actually, Charleston is one of the largest countries in the United States. Charleston becomes the second largest country. It has predicated as the most modern city. Yet, those names of Charleston state don’t have any significant relation among Charleston dress. Maybe, Charleston is one of the most modern cities, so that the type of the dress includes the name of the city.

Back then, Charleston dresses are used to wear as party costume. This dress is always put together with the cigarette holder, feather boa, and fur headband. Basically, the dress is normal dress like the other dress, mini dress without a sleeve. The color of the dress usually red, black, and white. But, now, people become braver to wear another color for Charleston dress, like purple, silver, brown. Type of hosiery has more various.

Over decades, hosiery is not only black tight with net pattern, but also available in white color, red, or nude pink. The headband is a must have item for this model. The headband can be modified with any other design, but also have fur in it. A feather boa is a kind of long scarf that usually has the same color as the mini dress. The cigarette holder is basically having the black color mixed with white color.

Charleston Dresses

Lately, the color has many variety colors, match with the theme of the dress. High heels also a must wear item to put together with Charleston dress theme. Do not forget about the necklace either. The necklace is a must. The longer necklace is, the better look has.

Even this kind of dress is still favorite; some people might think that the dress is too excessive and too complicated. People prefer a dress with simple jewelry, no cigarette holder, boa, and fur headband. So that, this kind of dress is just worn in some special occasion, like Halloween party, or vintage theme party.

Still, people will look outstanding with the Charleston dresses, depend on their taste to mix and match the accessories.

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