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factors that will influence fashion schools

December 19, 2016 | Fashion News

The development of fashion in this world is fast. Most people will have their own fashion. They usually will have different style with other people. We can find too some groups that have same fashion. They are fans of certain artists and they will copy their favorite artist’s style. They will look same with other people. We can wear our fashion to all places. Today schoolmates want to show their fashion too.

We will find different fashion schools between school to other school. There are some factors that will influence fashion schools in certain schools and city. When you are living in big city, you will find extreme fashion schools. Most of the students can show their fashion. As we know before, fashion is not only the dress that we are worn.

fashion schools

When we talk about fashion, we will talk about our hair style and accessories too. You will find different hair style in some schools too. When we look in Jakarta, today most of girl students will have long straight hair. They who don’t have long hair will look so ugly and out of date.

Most students with long hair will wear some hair accessories such as head craft or other accessories for their hair. They will wear make up too. Some schools restrict their students to wear make up but the other schools prohibit their students to wear what they like such as make up.

Fashion schools will depend on the reputation of the schools too. When we visit favorite school and high class school we will find new fashion there. They will wear some accessories with high price. They really want to compete one to other and they want to be queen or king in the school. Fashion is related with what they wear too. Shoes and bags are part of fashion too.

In the high class schools, most of students will wear bag from the best and famous brands. It will just same with their shoes. They don’t want to look ugly with cheap shoes. It will be different when we visit other schools. When we visit school in the village, we cannot find fashion schools. They are just same. They use ordinary uniform, bag and shoes. Fashions schools are depended on the budget too. When you have budget, you can create your own style. Most people in the modern time really want to be judged from their fashion.

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