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Knowing about the 1920s Mens Fashion

December 13, 2016 | Men Fashion

1920s mens fashion is about the time when men is using the three pieces suits, it is also the time when there is the adoption for the new styles and this is the time while public extremely carry the spirit of the ‘Roaring twenties’. At this time, men are wearing the short suit jackets and the long jackets are used for the formal events. In the early time in1920, the fashion item for men is about the high waisted jackets and the usage of belts while the trousers are narrow with the straight style and short, so the socks are always appear, the cuffed can be found in the bottom of the trousers.

1920s Mens Fashion

Wider trousers which is called as ‘Oxford Bags’ is really popular in 1925, and the suits jacket transform into the normal waist with the wider lapels. Some men is also use the loose fitting sleeves without the presence of the taper, while in the end of 1920 men are using the vests with double breasted model or jacket with single breasted jacket. While the clothes for sports which highly used are sweaters and the trousers which usually called as knickers. So, just make sure you really understand about the 1920s mens fashion.

Further Information about 1920s Mens Fashion

When you take a look more about 1920s men fashion you will soon realize that the formal style is also give the strong influence for men’s clothes such as the high usage of suits and tuxedo or the tail coat for the clothes in the formal occasions.  They are also using some types of hats, but the hats will also give the information about the social class of the user, for example the citizen’s class is wearing the top or homburg hats while the middle class men are using the fedora or the trilby hat. The upper class and middle class men will wear the straw boater in the summer time, while the working class men are using the standard cap or newsboy cap or even they don’t wear hats. So, you must know all about the conventional 1920s mens fashion.

The 1920 mens fashion style is about the style which really popular from the beginning of 1920, in the mid of 1920 up to the end of 1920. It seems that they really focus on the usage of jackets, skirts and trousers with the conventional style. So, it is all about the 1920s mens fashion.

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