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Little Black Dress A Special Attire for women

December 9, 2016 | Women Fashion

Little black dress as it is warmly called has turned into a nail in many women’s wardrobes since it tends to be very versatile and proper for all sorts of events. As a rule, style dresses are rather easier to dress in than separates since all a woman wants to do is put a wear on and dash out the door since there is no organization of separate garments involved. However, there is something special on ‘little’ dresses which are black. In fact, the little black attire has got such a level of popularity these days that it is frequently referred to as owning an iconic status.

black dress for women

Little Black Dress – The Mystique

Apart from being flexible and easy to show off, they have a certain mystique which is evocative of the inky-hued garment made famed by Audrey Hepburn in the film ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’. Somehow, the little black dress of today manages to exemplify the glamour of the Hepburn original. However this is not just by virtue of being black. Certainly, the truth that this iconic wear is black aids contribute to its magnetism. Since black, pretty much goes with anything and is a very admired hue to wear these days.

But apart from the fame of the shade, the appeal of the little black dress is mainly due exactly to the indescribable value that it has, a quality the French bring up as ‘Je ne sais quoi’, a phrase which undesirably does not sound fairly the same in English that means “I don’t know what”. Nevertheless, while Audrey Hepburn carried the little black dress for women into the attention, it was at first Coco Chanel who saw its potential. Givenchy, the designer of Audrey’s dress for the movie, gave the dress its fame but it in fact invented in the 1920s.

Little Black Dress – What Makes Special

That being said, it takes the lady wearing it to make an LBD ‘shine’. In actual fact, it might be said that it is the lady who must be the real star of the show, as it were, and not the outfit itself. A good garment always serves as a backdrop for the user’s face and character and must neither overwhelm nor detract from their look. In this sense, the dress takes a supporting role: aiding the woman to feel convinced that she looks fine in what she is dressing in and making her free to be a star. That is what makes this little black dress really special.

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