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Long Sleeve Cocktail Dress as Formal Uniform

January 2, 2017 | Women Fashion

Long sleeve cocktail dress is what you should wear on formal occasion like evening opera performances, theater, balls or most formal dinner occasions. The cocktail dress is actually an evening dress, but it defined by its length.

It could be above the knee. Or few inches length above the ankle, mostly knee-length is seldom to be found. Long sleeve cocktail dress is a ‘safe’ dress when you are having a formal occasion.

Long Sleeve Cocktail Dress

You can choose the dress length as you like, be it short or long. If you confuse how the cocktail dress should be. Then you must remember Julia Robert in Pretty Woman with a black short cocktail dress and red strapless long cocktail dress. Only imagine them in long sleeve.

That is what long sleeve cocktail dress should be like. This kind of dress will turn you into a sexy, elegant yet formal lady look.

There are some things you need to consider when choosing a pattern, or in that case, do not pattern at all. You can experiment with color. But beware with the printed pattern because not all patterns are suitable for long sleeve dress.

Fourth, make sure that you do not wear too many accessories with this dress. Fewer are more in accessories. Remember not to wear flat shoes especially with the long cocktail dress; for you will ‘drown’ in your own dress. The high heel is very optional for long sleeve cocktail dress in a formal occasion.

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