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Night Dresses as the Fashionably Item for a Girl

December 26, 2016 | Women Fashion

If you asking a girl what the most precious clothes in her wardrobe, definitely night dresses is the answer. Why does it become so special? It’s simply because the girl who wear night dresses, means she’s having a special occasion.

Therefore two types of girl when we entering fashion’s areas, the hipster trendsetters and the stylish sheep. So it’s all about knowing how to defines yourself, whether you’re a full dedicated follower of fashion (that most every girl taking the pie-chart!) or you find yourself as an all-original dresser.

Keep on reading, you will find ideas or inspiration and of course trend about night dresses for girls!

night dresses

Choose the Right Night Dresses with Your Body Shape

Before we talking about the most hot night dresses 2017, first thing first is a must for a girl to know what kind of body shape she had. This is a basic step before we choose the right night dresses. They are three main kind woman body shapes.

First is a straight type. It’s a common body type (sometime called ruler) for a woman who has the balanced between hips and bust with not very defines waist and a flat bottom. So a tube-type dress is a right choice by adding a dark belt to gain weight effect in your torso.

Next, it is pear body type or most of people called triangle. Woman with pear body type is having larger hips than the bust but have a nice and elegant waist with slim arms and proportionally shoulders. Because the best asset is the waist, so be brave to add volume to upper body and create a illusion effect by doing a creative mix and match.

Moving to next popular body type is a spoon type. She’s having larger hips than the bust and the lower legs and arms are the beautiful best assets. The secret for having lower legs and arms is showing them off!

Found the Key for Stylish Night Dresses through Color

After knowing your body type, we’re moving to higher step. A fabulous appearance is about self-confidence and the “it” dress. You can have them in one package by choosing the dress through its color. This is an absolute statement that black stand for mystery yet coolness image.

The colors really transform a sexy look from a woman. You can pick such as the classic little black dress or just adding a light spot such as cute cape or sweet shawl. If you a die-hard fan of white, then you’re classy with pure character.

Try to get a simple one, be careful you will look alike a bride-to be. Last but not least is a color that stand for adventure soul and enthusiasm person, you can choose a glamour red with some ruffles or lace on your night dresses and enjoy being a celebrities for the whole night!

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