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The Outrageous of 1960s Fashion Style

January 1, 2017 | Fashion News

As we know, 1960s fashion style is one of the most timeless styles. The vintage style from the 1960s really inspirative. Lots of rebellious and experiment have been done during that times to create new fashion trend.

However, most of the 60s fashion is becoming an inspiration for the next era fashion trend. If in the 1950s we met lots of elegant and formal dresses. Then in the 1960s we will find more outrageous, non-conformist style.

1960s Fashion Style

Most of the 1960s fashion style based on experiment and boldness. Both men and women enjoy this era. Since gypsy fashion trend is becoming so popular for them. Of course, the 1960s clothing is just like any other fashion trend which has so much influence from public figures and celebrities.

Many men wanted to look like their idols such as Rolling Stones or even The Beatles, while the women wanted to look like those pretty celebrities such as Jacqueline Kennedy and Brigitte Bardot.

The colorful and cheerful colors known to be the trademark of 1960s fashion style. Bold cuts also known as the signature style of people in 60s. The turtleneck was also introduced in that era and many men used this as their style.

It also becomes the must have fashion item for every man in this era. Nehru collared shirts, velvet pants, paisley-patterned shirts, buffalo and mods plaid shirts and high collared Regency jackets have also become the trend fashion items in the 1960s.

Bold and unique pattern colors were seen in the 1960s clothing. It proves that men can also be fashionable and creates new fashion trend. The hipsters, bell bottom jeans, neckerchiefs were introduced in this era, and very popular!.

Unlike in the 1950s, the 1960s fashion trend is more casual. Inspired by teenage spirits and crazy prints. That is why people love the innovation of 1960s fashion.


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