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Vintage Diamond Rings for Engagement

December 28, 2016 | Fashion Accessories

When we talk about jewelries. Most of all people have different taste when it comes to it. Some people love contemporary and elegant rings while others choose to the classic and antique. So, if you plan to purchase an engagement ring, and your partner seems to fall into the latter category.

You can choose traditional rings in winning her big “yes”. Do you know? There are plenty of reasons why vintage diamond rings are great options for the engagement rings.

As a result, before you decide to purchase a classic ring. There’s a thing or two you should know to make sure that the ring is truly a vintage. It means that you need to have proper knowledge in distinguishing the real one with the fake.

Vintage Diamond Rings

Choosing the wrong one might cost you hundred dollars for a fake jewelry. Thus, it is crucial to buy rings in a reliable jewelry shop with a good reputation, so you can prevent any unscrupulous seller.

Another aspect that you should notice is the value of history attached to the ring. Usually, very genuine vintage ring has its own unique story that is carved in a piece of this type of ring. The ring is usually a family treasure from generation to generation.

The value and story behind the ring is often interesting and carries a sentimental story that no modern rings can offer. If your fiancé loves this idea, a vintage engagement ring is the best ring to give it to her.

Vintage Diamond Rings

As mentioned above, it is necessary to learn about the vintage diamond rings. Here, is a little information that may useful to choose a piece of jewelry that really qualify for antique or not. In the world of jewelries, there are three eras where you can get an antique ring.

  • The first era is the Victorian era (1837 – 1901). Most rings during this era using material like silver or yellow gold and usually use sapphires and rubies instead of diamonds.
  • Edwardian era (1901 – 1920’s). The platinum was the winning one over metal for rings, and the diamonds just as side-stones being sapphire as the primary one.
  • Art Deco era (1920 – 1930). In this era, the rings were covered with diamonds. It has specific character of its unique geometric and boxy look. And the other precious stones just for decorate the rings.

Hopefully brief description above can help you to find the right vintage diamond rings for you beloved one.

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