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Vintage gown can be made of enormous kind of variety

December 8, 2016 | Women Fashion

Vintage evening gown is the type of gown which can be considered as second hand garment. Meanwhile for the appearances, these vintage gowns have more elegant look to wear at evening occasions. As it come from the name vintage which means elegant for old things. These vintage gowns used to be handmade because it usually has unique type of fashion style. Most of them are very rare which only several people own them. Vintage gown can be made of enormous kind of variety since the ranges are so long. They might come from old times like from 1950’s or 1980’s. The more unique it came, the more vintage it can be.

1950s evening dresses

Let’s take example from the 1950’s vintage evening gown wrapped in ombre lace full skirt with strapless style. This kind of style might never come out anymore so it will be look like vintage. It’s made of peach ombre shades with so many laces. It has the ombre colors darker to the end of the skirt. It goes from peach chreme to average brown. It’s also completed with tulle at the middle of the layer, and taffeta underskirt.

Remember Scarlett O’Hara from ‘Gone with the Wind’, and if you’ve been amazed by her gown, well lucky you because some of the vintage gowns looked just like hers. It has pink color completed with the trim of black lace. Scarlett’s was red, so this is the softer version of it. It will definitely go fabulous for your evening occasion. This version of vintage gown was made by Harry Keiser. Endless flowed of a skirt from the shoulders made it look good with the side of pink taffeta. It came with the back zip for the girls with slim size. If you’re too slim, then this gown is great since it has quite so many layers to make your slim body more full than your original size. Make your caution when going in and out of this vintage evening gown.

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