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Women Leather Coats for Daily Activity

December 28, 2016 | Women Fashion

Do you know? One of good quality coats is leather coats. As we know,  leather is expensive material but. Long time ago, leather is popular jacket for men. But now, women leather coats have also became available.

And the design for women usually is small and fit into the body. Sometimes women leather coats and jackets are usually for riding motorcycle. Developing fashion make leather becomes new trend.

Women Leather Coats

Women Leather Coats for Fashionable Outwear

Leather is the good quality for coat and jacket. This material can be protection for road rash. However, it can be daily clothes too for active women. You can simply wear it as outwear when you have outdoor job as well. Even it can be used for catchy outwear that matches well with formal office dress and shirt.

When you feel cold outside, you can wear this coat to help you keep warm, but still fashionable. There is different between leather coat for men and women. The difference is the in the shape of the zipper and buttons. Usually, zipper and button on female’s leather jacket are sewed on the left-hand side, but for men they are placed on the right-hand side.

Women’s has the higher waist-cut design than males and the jacket males usually taller and longer than female sizes. The women’s design also has additional fabric in breast area. You can choose to buy long or short leather jacket depends on your body shape.

It is recommended to mix and match jacket with pants and trousers rather than with dress. Long fur jacket with army looks perfectly suits with boyish look alike fashion style. For feminine and girlie look, you can pick pea coat designs or long belt jacket as well.

Women Leather Coats Design

The other design from leather for woman is woman’s leather coats fur. It is different from leather jacket. The design of coats fur is more complex and usually has additional fur on the neck and the wrist. This coat can be jacket to keep you warm on the windy day.

Generally this coat has same material with the leather jacket. It is depend on you to choose the leather coat design. Leather coats sometimes has simple design than leather coat fur, both of them suitable for you to look fashionable when cold outside. And if you ask women what coat which will be lasting, women leather coat can be the answer

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